An anarcha-feminist flag

Welcome to jindrx's space

...the space where I write about my opininons and experiences. Who knows, maybe some of what I write will be useful to someone. And if not, at least I had fun writing it.

But who am I?

Uh, I don't know actually, that's hard to answer. Here's some info about me.

I'm a member of the collective

Spink Distro in a flaming font

where we make zines and stuff. Maybe you have visited

The boring old web in a glacial font

See the source code of this web on GitLab.

I would like to thank csha for helping me with webdesign on this web. In case you're curious how I made it, the main tools were Svelte and the component library Skeleton.

An anarcha-feminist flag

Work in progress: always and proudly